UCN School of Engineering

UCN School of Engineering 

From the city of Coquimbo, looking at the world, the School of Engineering at  Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) aspires to deliver to the community professionals projected as agents of change and generate knowledge contributes to solving relevant problems of a global society.

With a staff of ten professors, the School of Engineering, six of them with a Ph.D. degree, offers careers in Computing and Informatics Engineering, Industrial Civil Engineering, and Information Technology Engineering. Besides, it provides two scientific master programs and a professional master program; In all them, it has academics as members of its cloisters, and in the first two, it participates in its direction.

A total of 1,229 undergraduate students are currently being trained in this School. The campus is physically located in the Guayacán Campus of the UCN, and whose mission is to develop the discipline of engineering in the north of Chile through higher teaching, research, and the link with the environment, from a perspective focused on the principles of Christian humanism.

Simultaneously, the School has established a successful collaborative work system with public and private organizations in Coquimbo and Metropolitan regions, associated with the unit’s engineering degree mechanisms. Similarly, various technical assistance projects have been carried out by national and foreign organizations, and important links have been established with universities in Spain, Brazil, Japan, and the US, which has allowed the mobility of academics and students with funds associated with various competitive funds.

Finally, from the scientific perspective, the UCN School of Engineering has established a policy to promote advanced research, which has allowed it to have 35 WoS / Scopus indexed articles by 2020, half of them in Q1-Q2 journals. It also has three projects in execution in 2021, financed by the Chilean National Agency of Research and Development  (regular Fondecyt, initiation Fondecyt and MEC).